Yamaha Outboard Engines are created from the ground up as marine outboard engine. All materials and parts are chosen for their durability that can withstand rough weather, corrosive environment and long usage hours at high RPM.

The results are ENDURO TWO STROKE LINEUP and FOUR STROKE COMMERCIAL LINEUP that can withstand commercial usage in areas where fuel quality is a concern.

Some of the technologies found in Yamaha Outboard Engines are:

In-bank dual exhaust with power surge chambers VCT: Variable Camshaft Timing
This exhaust system features a unique, compact In-bank dual exhaust system with power surge chambers where the intake and exhaust layout are inverted. This helps exhaust purging efficiency for greater power This system regulates intake valve open/close timing according to engine load. It heightens air intake efficiency and increases torque in the low to mid RPM range.

Durable Lower Unit Bearings Yamaha’s Ideal Anti-corrosion Protection
An engine with as much power and torque as this needs lower unit bearings and bearing surfaces that stand up to the test. Yamaha has not only changed the type of bearings and / or increased their size, but also hardened the surfaces on which they ride, for increased reliability. A unique 50-year long programme of dedicated research, development and testing has resulted in the most comprehensive, well-proven coating and protection system ever created for an outboard.YDC-30The unique, anti-corrosion aluminium alloy developed by Yamaha to protect exterior engine components.

Self-sacrificing anodes Special zinc coating
Fitted in carefully calculated positions on engine casings, mounting brackets, lower units – and inside the engine block and waterways of some engines – high-grade alloys are used to help control and minimise the effects of saltwater. Applied to all non-moving stainless steel parts to increase resistance to galvanic corrosion – also acts as a back-up to the sacrificial anode system.

5-Stage exterior coating High quality stainless steel
Special anti-corrosion steel is used for many components such as drive and prop shafts, steering arms and through-tubes.
After being oven-baked for ultimate adhesion and hardness, a build-up sequence of tough primers, undercoats and acrylic resins are sealed in by a final coat of clear urethane lacquer. This gives every Yamaha its unique lustre and long-lasting, easy-maintenance gloss finish.

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