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VX700S-Despite its deceptively simple form, the body contains the boundless fun that WaveRunners are known for. Even those new to WaveRunners can bring out its performance, enjoying as much of planing, turns, and free riding as they can handle. The VX700S provides a truly warm welcome to the world of WaveRunner. As the industry’s only 2 stroke runabout model, the VX700S has gained overwhelming support from customers around the world. The reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance of the VX700S’ 2 stroke 701cc engine are the product of Yamaha’s many years of experience. The body has been manufactured using the unique VAR-MAX system, the first time the VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding) method has been used for the production of Yamaha Wave Runners. The ease of handling that the lightweight VAR-MAX body delivers is another reason for the great support for this model.

Dimension L3.22m x W1.17m x H1.16m
Dry Weight 240kg

Informasi Desain

2-stroke 701cc Yamaha Marine

Known for its harsh use environment, Yamaha's proud 2-stroke 2-cylinder 701cc engine has come into its own in the rental market. Its high durability, reliability and maintenance-friendliness is recognized by rental shops all around the world.

Extended Rear Platform

Roomy and comfortable, the extended rear plat form is the ideal place for soaking up the surroundings, getting in and out of the water or gearing up for wakeboating.

Spesifikasi Lengkap


  • VAR-MAX Hull and Deck
  • 1-3 persons
  • 50 liter fuel capacity
  • 84 liter of storage


  • Extended Rear Platform
  • Dual Mirros
  • Multifunction Information Center
  • Hydro-Turf Mats


  • 2-cylinder, 2-stroke Yamaha Marine Engine
  • 155mm Axial Flow Pump
  • Regular Unleaded Gasoline
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