WAVERUNNER (WV) Maintenance and Reparation Training

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PT. Karya Bahari Abadi having an internal training for YAMAHA Waverunner maintenance and reparation. The training, which was held on 23-25 January 2017, is to improve mechanic knowledge to maintain and repair Waverunner (Water Vehicle). This training is the second training conducted since 2012.

Waverunner is one of water vehicle with advanced technology. Waverunner using water jet propulsion system. YAMAHA Waverunner consists of 3 (three) type of engine, the first is 700cc, 1100cc and the largest capacity which is 1800cc.

For 1800cc class, it is divided in to 2 (two) type which is SHO and SVHO. SHO stands for Super High Output and SVHO stands for Super Vortex High Output, each has its own unique output characteristic. Each technology currently is the most advanced technology available in the market today and has different architecture with other water vehicle engine.

Now, all waverunner body are implemented using Nano Excel 2.0 Technology which is 15kg lighter compared to the previous version. The first version of Nano Excel already far lighter from any material technology used by competitor product.

Training only attended by limited 5 person because of prerequisite requirements. The training included was :

  1. Introduction to Waverunner, explanation to waverunner engine and all parts.
  2. Engine Disassembly – Assembly, one by one every parts disassembled and then reassembled again until the engine running as in perfect condition.
  3. Engine maintenance, how to use waverunner on daily basis starting from engine start off to engine storing. Including training to replace parts and oil.
  4. Body maintenance for Waverunner, how to repair scratches and crack in waverunner body.
  5. Safety Riding, explaining how to handle and operate waverunner correctly with driver and passenger safety in mind.

All the attendant are very enthusiast, especially in the safety riding session where they were taught about on how to handle an upside down waverunner (capsized ) at open sea.

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