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Last weekend, around 30 members of Waverunner Community Indonesia attend the community gathering at  Anak Krakatau Island, Lampung province Indonesia. Departed from Marina Jaya Ancol, Waverunner Community Indonesia accompanied by 2 Yamaha Outboards Board and it took nearly 4 hours to arrive at Anak Krakatau Island. Passing through the Sunda Strait, various type of craft from FX Cruiser, VXR, FZR and GP1800 from the Waverunner Community together traveling crashed by high waves and bumpy sea waves. 

Riding the Waverunner to Anak Krakatau island located between Lampung province and Banten province provides certain challenges to the Waverunner Community Indonesia. The location where Anak Krakatau in Sunda Strait located is 200 meters deep. A day before the departure day on 26 April 2018, all participants should attend the Technical Meeting and Safety Riding as the important part of touring preparation.  The community spends one night at Archipelago Resort Carita. Contrary to the departure touring to Anak Krakatau Island, the way back on 28 April to Jakarta was very calm with no bumpy waves. 

The Waverunner Community Indonesia itself is a community place for the owner and user of Yamaha Water Vehicle, The Waverunner. On this first touring event which was held on 27-28 April 2018, Waverunner Community Indonesia committed to hosting the same event every year to strengthen the bond between all Waverunner riders in Indonesia. This event will be fully supported by PT. KBA as the main distributor for Yamaha Waverunner in Indonesia.

Like all the Waverunners Community Indonesia riders said during the first touring to Krakatoa, the next event will be more eventful and will challenge the adrenaline more. If you would like to know further about the next event, do not forget to follow instagram account @waverunner_id to get the latest updates from Waverunner Community Indonesia.


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