New F250H Generation 250 Horse Power 4 Stroke is More Reliable

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PT Karya Bahari Abadi (KBA) as main Distributor for Yamaha Outboard in Indonesia introduced the new Yamaha F250H at Inna Sindhu Sanur, Denpasar on Friday night 27 April 2018.

The event was attended by many transportion business in Bali.

Mr. Enomoto and Mr Hashimoto from Yamaha Japan also attend the event. This event was held to share information and experience to support users of Yamaha Outboard in the area. The Yamaha F250H is the next development of the previous F250G.

The F250G Yamaha Outboard has been proven as a strong and powerful outboard engine in many areas of Indonesia sea water. The new F250H is also a new commercial which means it can work as hard or even more compared to the previous model.

Supported with for stroke outboard engine, the F250H can use premium or fuel with Ron 88 specification as main fuel. From the maintenance perspective, this outboard also has lower maintenance cost compared to other competitor brands.

In 2017, Yamaha Outboard market share is 84% said PT. KBA Manager, which means from 100 unit outboard used, 84 for of them is Yamaha Brand and the rest is mixed competitor brand.

Yamaha will maintain the market share and hopefully will increase the market share. In Bali, an outboard engine in big power like the Yamaha F250H can be sold in tens of unit every month. 

“But it is all about maintenance,” said the PT. KBA Manager. He is very optimistic that the new Yamaha Outboard engine will be absorbed by the market very well, especially with the aftersales and mechanic support for the outboard. “There are more than 400 well-trained mechanics for Yamaha Outboard in Indonesia. And in Bali alone, there are more than 60 Yamaha certified mechanic,” said the Manager.

Adhi, Yamaha Outboard Indonesia Service Manager explained the strong point of the new Yamaha outboard to all attendees.  Yamaha F250H outboard has stronger gear compared to the previous F250G, and thicker gear which means it has twice the durability compared to the older model.

With higher torque and better acceleration compared to the old model, the F250H also efficient in terms of spare parts. The spare parts for Yamaha F250H outboards can be substituted because using the same spare parts with the F250G model. Only in some electrical area, the differences exist between the new and old model. As for the fuel, Yamaha suggests using Pertalite rather than regular Premium gasoline. This is to make the engine operation last longer although it can also perform well using regular Premium Gasoline, Adhi explained 

In this introduction event, BFI finance also comes as a part of financing solution. PT BFI Finance providing information to all attendees about the purchase financing for this new outboard which can be bought by hard cash or credit. No collateral at all required for credit purchase via BFI finance. 

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