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West Sumatra Provincial Government assistance in the form of 234 units of 15 PK Yamaha outboard engines (13 September 2021)

Fishermen whom are members of fishing groups in West Sumatra receive assistance from the West Sumatra Provincial Government in the form of 234 units of 15 PK Yamaha outboard engines. The 15 PK Yamaha outboard engine which is known for its toughness and quality was chosen by the West Sumatra Provincial Government based on the aspirations of the West Sumatran fishing community.

The West Sumatra Provincial Government has procured a 15 PK Yamaha outboard engine through the sectoral e-catalog system of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP). Since last year procurement using the e-catalog has been used in several other regions, it is hoped that other provinces / regions will follow suit and follow using the e-catalog so that procurement is faster, more efficient and transparent.

PT Karya Bahari Abadi (KBA) as a distributor of Yamaha Marine products (outboard engines, waverunners, spare parts and oil) in Indonesia, through its 3S Dealer network at Perkasa Jaya Marine Padang, supports the West Sumatra Provincial Government’s activities for the distribution and after-sales services.

The handover ceremony at the Office of the Marine and Fisheries Service (DKP) of West Sumatra Province, Sunday (12/9) was also attended by the Governor of West Sumatra, Mahyeldi Ansharullah. The locations for receiving aid will be spread across 4 regencies/cities namely Padang, Pesisir Selatan, Padang Pariaman and Agam, with a total of 21 points.

Both the West Sumatra Provincial Government, PT. KBA and Perkasa Jaya Marine hope that the assistance can be utilized as best as possible by fishermen, so that fishermen can earn better and more prosperous incomes.

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