Outboards Warranty

Every Yamaha Outboards distributed by Karya Bahari Abadi, sold via official dealership provided with 1 year warranty from the purchase date. This warranty is to protect KBA customers from defect product.

To claim your warranty, please follow these instructions :


How to register your Outboards Engine and claim your warranty

  1. Register your engine via SMS to provided number by the latest 1 week after purchase date.
  2. Bring your engine to nearest dealer location for every problem.
  3. Provide your purchase certificate and your engine serial number

Please avoid

You must avoid these important parameters to make sure warranty active and available:

  1. Do not use non-genuine spare parts. Only use genuine Yamaha Parts.
  2. Operate your engine according to operation manual.
  3. Do not overload your boat and your outboards
  4. Make sure you purchase your outboards from official Yamaha Outboards Dealers. Purchase from unauthorized dealer will void the warranty..

Engine Serial Number

Pictures below will explain to you, how you can get your outboards serial number.

Complete your Warranty Card

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